Our Point of Choice team consists of experienced educators and former school board members, as well as highly-trained professionals in the areas of marketing, operations, technology, and data & analytics. Most importantly, we are all community members who are deeply committed to education. We are distressed when we hear of cuts in school budgets and simultaneous demands on educators to do even more. Therefore, we set out to help districts spend less, stress less, and accomplish more in purchasing – so that they can invest more of their time and resources on educating our children. As a result, we created k-Purchase.  

Our team has extensive experience in business-to-business (“B2B”) and business-to-institution (“B2I”) markets. So, we are keenly aware of the extreme challenges and costs related to selling into the K-12 school market. Therefore, we applied our know-how to help vendors spend less, do less, and sell more. As a result, we created Point of Choice.   

Leadership Team

Paul Tarnoff, CEO
For over 30 years, Paul has helped companies grow revenue and profit, acquire customers, and strengthen loyalty in less time and at a lower cost than can be achieved through traditional methods.  He was the Founder & CEO of a successful e-commerce company, and has worked with B2B, B2I and B2C companies of all sizes, across many markets.  Paul also has a Master’s Degree in Education.  

Steve McKee, COO
Steve has over 30 years of experience helping technology-enabled service companies scale and prosper.  He has held senior leadership positions at Wiland Services (a top database marketing service company), CQG (a futures trading platform), Merkle (a large marketing agency), and most recently Wiland, Inc. (a leading marketing intelligence company).  Steve also has launched and led multiple startup organizations. He is passionate about delivering consistently-excellent client service and results through the intersection of vision, people, process and technology.

Jim Tenzillo, EVP of Vendor Acquisition & Management
Jim has been a distribution marketing professional for 35 years. He spent 25 of those years at Grainger, and served in the following senior management positions: 1) Vice President & General Manager, Direct Marketing, 2) Vice President, Marketing Development & Planning, and 3) Vice President, Brand Marketing. Jim has extensive, results-driven marketing experience across a large number of companies, first as an employee and then as a consultant. Across all of his engagements, Jim has consistently driven millions of dollars in revenue & profit.

Dave Cechota, CTO
Dave is the original Founder of k-Purchase, and spearheads the development and ongoing management of the company’s extensive technical infrastructure.  Dave has close to three decades of experience in the software industry, including managing multiple SaaS cloud/web-based platforms within high-growth environments. He also has served as a school board member.  

Mary Ann Hahn, VP of Purchasing Advocates
Mary Ann has 20 years of experience in customer service and support, as well as in merchandising, data-driven marketing, training, and team management.  She has applied these many skills at Wal-Mart, Readers Digest, and ArtSelect. 

In addition, our data & analytics team is composed of direct & database marketing professionals with over 100 years of experience in B2B, B2I, and B2C markets.  This includes extensive experience in education, working with clients such as The Teaching Company (now, “The Great Courses”) and Kaplan Early Learning Company.