There is no other marketing opportunity for vendors like Point of Choice (“POC”).  The following eight services are not available anywhere else.  (Even if they were, the cost and execution time would be prohibitive!)  POC integrates all of these services into a single comprehensive package, with no up-front costs or risks.  And, we execute the entire program for each of our vendors.  Therefore, they can simply keep doing what they normally do…all while booking lucrative new sales. Learn how it works.

Market-share builder
Provides the vehicle for building significant volume across districts with <8,000 students – 2/3 of the total K-12 market! – with no capital expense and little effort.

Private media channel
Delivers data-driven offers, specials and testing tied to roles.  Provides access to each targeted buyer – without having to pay for message delivery, and free from media-noise.

Role-based selling
Offers direct access to the right buyer, in the right role, at the right time. 

Increases on-time payment
Eliminates many of the common mistakes made by both districts and vendors in ordering and billing.

Better than a salesperson
POC’s Purchasing Advocates are perceived as working on behalf of district staff, and not as outside salespeople.  Therefore, they are able to deliver relationship-based selling opportunities.

Better than opt-in
Presents targeted promotions within regular communications regarding POC’s k-Purchase solution – a cloud-based platform that streamlines the purchasing process from requisition, to approval, to purchase order. (Learn more).

Share of wallet insights
Accesses valuable, never-before-available data on districts and individual buyers, including how and when they buy, dollars allocated, and dollars spent.

Reveals powerful buyer info
Identifies each buyer, including roles and preferences.  Then, optimizes selling through industry-leading data mining and analytics.