Eliminates Risk

Point of Choice (“POC”) understands that a vendor’s time, money and staff are already invested in existing marketing and selling.  Therefore, POC has been designed to fit into any vendor’s present operations with no added cost or distraction.  It simply generates sales.  POC provides the following benefits to vendors – all without any financial investment, effort, or change in operations:

  • Substantial additional sales – and increased market share – within the $40 billion smaller-district market.
  • Exclusive, proprietary buyer data for more precise targeting and marketing.
  • Purchasing Advocates who market – through direct interactions with buyers – vendor products & services.
  • Easy transfer of vendor product & services data, including special pricing, for presentation to buyers.
  • District purchase orders that are sent directly to vendors for processing and billing.
  • Charges that occur only when orders are generated through the POC Marketplace.
  • Reduced marketing costs for first time as well as repeat purchases.
  • No special vendor pricing is publicized to the competition.

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