Point of Choice ensures that vendor product offerings, special pricing and promotions reach the right people in each school districts at the point they want to buy. This is accomplished through an integrated platform that simultaneously providing districts and vendors with solutions to their respective needs and reduces the time, effort and cost for all parties.

1.     POC gives school districts k-Purchase, a no-cost cloud-based platform that streamlines the purchasing process – from requisition, to approval, to purchase orders. K-Purchase reduces purchasing time by over 70% while eliminating purchasing frustrations.  While districts can purchase from any source they desire, K-Purchase also offers the option of using the POC online Marketplace, for greater shopping convenience, product selection and attractive pricing all in one location. (Learn more at

2.     Because districts use k-Purchase for all of their orders, POC gains total exposure to their buying patterns. Thus, POC is able to capture data that has never before been available to the vendors that sell into this market:  who makes the buying decisions, what they buy, and how much they spend.  Our advanced analytics are then incorporated to help drive powerful, data-driven marketing.

3.     POC then combines this exclusive data with a private online marketing and merchandising channel that targets school buyers at the exact time that they are ready to buy. Through a mix of marketing communications and the POC Marketplace vendors gain the most efficient, low-cost and minimal effort marketing channel for presenting their products and services. And, POC does all the work for them.

4.     In addition, k-Purchase provides districts with a Purchasing Advocate, who acts as an extension of each district’s staff.  By providing valuable time-saving purchasing expertise our Advocates are perceived by district staff as friends and insiders. Special loyal relationships are created and the staffs prefer working with our Purchasing Advocates instead of outside sales people. Purchasing Advocates are also trained in each vendor’s offerings. They then identify and communicate the benefits of each vendor and their products directly to buyers.

5.     Districts place orders directly with each vendor. This way, each vendor does not have to change its operations, customer service or billing.  Each vendors can thus develop customer relationships and build its brand.

POC is much more than a selling portal or e-commerce platform.  POC has already succeeded in redirecting business to our participating vendors from leading school suppliers. This is because our multi-featured, time-saving purchasing solutions], including loyal personal interactions, powerful data and lower-costs offer benefits to both districts and vendors that other selling channels cannot match.