What Vendors Do

The primary focus of schools is on educating our children.  Purchasing is a distraction and frustration.  Schools just want easy-to-find, high-quality products & services, reliable delivery, great service, and pricing that allows them to stretch budgets and get the most out of each dollar. They are tired of vendors that over-promise and under-deliver.

Districts look to Point of Choice (“POC”) to find the best vendors, and then bring these vendors to them.  POC makes it easy for vendors to participate in this win-win program.  Here is how it will work for you:

1.     Offer the subset of your quality products or services that appeal to school districts.  Because POC does the marketing for you, your marketing costs will be lower.  Therefore, we ask that you provide your most competitive pricing.  Our districts expect this!  POC is not a public Marketplace, so whatever pricing you provide will be private, and not be seen by your competitors.

2.     Provide POC with your product or services information:

  • If you sell products, POC provides an easy-to-use interface to upload your product information, prices, images, etc.  You can add, delete or edit information at any time.  POC then presents the information within the POC Marketplace.
  • If you sell services, POC provides an online format to enter your information, images, videos etc.  POC will then customize a page for you in our online Services Marketplace.

3.     Let POC know of special offers and marketing efforts.  Our Purchasing Advocates will then target, and provide details directly to, the appropriate buyers.

4.     District orders are sent directly to vendors.  Districts expect POC vendors to provide the highest-quality customer service – to deliver orders on-time, respond promptly to inquiries, and provide their absolute best efforts to ship full and complete orders.

5.     Vendors pay POC 10% of all revenue that originates from the POC marketing platform.  POC bills each vendor as purchase orders are sent.  Terms are 30-days.  Because POC provides all eight of its marketing services on an ongoing basis, there are no refunds for returns.